Project HERO

Premium comfort without compromise


Concept design

Proposed Technical Specifications

State-of-the-art research in air source heat pumps, energy storage and energy management provide top performance heating with extremely low energy consumption

Air Source Heat Pump

Concept design

Storage unit

Concept design

Heating output

up to 53kW

Operating temperature

down to -25°C

Water temperature

up to 75°C


Electrical storage capacity

up to 15 kWh

Max charge / discharge power

up to 10 kW

Heat storage capacity

14kWh equivalent to ~300 litres hot water tank

Smart Controller

Compatible with smart dynamic tariffs (e.g. Octopus Agile).

Over the air firmware updates, for more advanced functionalities


Storage unit: h1400  w1200  d800 mm

Heat Pump: h1350  w900  d320 mm

Specifications subject to change

Buy energy when it's cheap and green

Use it when you need it

Low electricity prices occur when there is low demand, which usually coincide with night-time and the afternoon. Apart from being cheaper, off-peak electricity is usually greener as renewables take the biggest share.

Boxergy systems use such green off-peak electricity to generate heat with a high level of efficiency, storing it in heat batteries for later use. Similarly, the electrical batteries are charged with cheap green power or from your solar PV. The heat and electricity stored in the systems are now ready to be used when needed.


Getting even cheaper, greener and smarter with time


This sounds simple, but the growth of renewables is making such pattern more volatile, with periods of very cheap energy (sometimes even FREE) and very expensive peaks when dispatchable and costly fossil fuel generation is required to fill the gap.

Boxergy project HERO is about taking advantage of such increased volatility, working along with modern smart tariffs such as Octopus Agile. The system in development includes a highly advanced energy management controller that autonomously buys and stores energy during the cheapest times of the day with no need of manual intervention. The HERO system will then be ready to deliver heat and electricity to meet our customers’ needs even Cheaper, Greener and Smarter.

Our mission is your comfort

You can use your current smart thermostat to tell the system when you want your heating to come on and it provides instant hot water on demand. HERO will learn your routine to provide you with the lowest cost energy when you need it.

Can't wait for the HERO?

Start your journey today with a Boxergy COMBO

Boxergy COMBO is a HERO in the making

Our COMBO systems are designed to be upgradable to get smarter and therefore cheaper with time.

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