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We have reached an exciting time at Boxergy as our concept starts to move from the test lab to the field. We now have a trial system in the field with more to follow in the next weeks and months. With this in mind, a few weeks ago, we decided to employ our first full-time installer, Michael Hale.

Michael comes with a wealth of experience in renewable energy. After working in oil and gas, he was self-employed for 7 years as a renewable energy installation contractor, installing heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems throughout Scotland.


“I was interested in renewables for a number of reasons. Firstly, coming out of oil and gas, it was obvious to me that the days of fossil fuels are numbered. It seemed like common sense to me to get involved in an industry that is not destined to die a slow death, but one that is only going to grow. Heat pumps and other renewable systems may only have a small share in the market now, but it is more than it was last year and not as much as it will be next year.

“Secondly, I love being part of an industry where things are innovating and moving on all of the time. I could have gone into installing gas boilers, but that will have no major innovations between now and when it becomes obsolete (2025 being the current date banded around). Heat pumps, biomass, solar, wind, wave etc. have all made massive leaps forward even in the time I have been in the industry. This promises to only be the start.

“When I heard about the Boxergy concept of applying air source heat pumps to heat and electrical battery storage, I was very intrigued. As I looked into it, I saw that this was a fantastic way to use heat pumps on much of the older housing stock that we have here in the UK. I recognised that this is an area of big potential and I was very keen to get involed.


“A huge chunk of UK housing stock is pre-1990 built houses. Currently, most of these are deemed unsuitable for air source heat pumps, at least without significant internal upgrades. Boxergy opens up the next stage for renewable heating-the retrofit market. As Boxergy and our supply partners continue to innovate, we will continue to hone our system to make it better and better!”

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