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“The decarbonization of residential heating is key to fulfil the UK carbon emission targets of the 2015 Paris agreement"

(Committe on Climate Change, 2016).

Boxergy is a purpose led organization.

We are passionate about the need to decarbonise heat, to help fight climate change and make energy affordable for all.

Decarbonise heating


To reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Electrifying domestic heating

Affordable energy for all


To reduce fuel poverty


Technology efficienty and a new Business Model

Renewables adoption


To fight pollution and climate change


Making renewable energies more available

Empower consumers


For more distributed and sustainable  energy


Storing energy at consumers' homes, where it's needed

63 million tonnes of CO2
from home heating

More than 70% of UK houses still use fossil fuel boilers for space heating and hot water. Those systems emit more than 63 million tonnes of CO2 each year, equivalent to 20% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions. They are also source of noxious gasses, an increasing threat for people’s health in our cities, and are more polluting than diesel cars according to recent research carried out in London. It has been widely recognised that UK residential heating must be almost completely decarbonised in order to meet 2050 carbon emission targets.
(UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Final Figures, National Statistics, BEIS, 2015)

3.5 million UK families
are in fuel poverty

Mains gas is very popular because is convenient and considered a cheap fuel for heating purposes. That is true if compared with other conventional alternatives, but is that really so cheap?
Over 3.5 million UK families (~13% of the population) are in fuel poverty.

We think that in 2019 is not acceptable that so many people still struggle to keep their home adequately heated.

(Fuel Poverty Statistics, National Energy Action 2018)

We want to make a difference today for a better tomorrow