Boxergy: The Netflix of Heat Part 3

Electrifying heat in peoples' homes

We could use night storage heaters, they are cheap, easy to fit and already work in 2million homes in the UK. However, like hydrogen, you have to put more energy in than you get out. They are also not as controllable or easy to use as gas. Night storage heaters do a good job of using cheap electricity.

We could use direct electric heating, oil filled radiators immersion heaters and electric fires. These are even cheaper than storage heaters, easier to control. They are also more efficient than either hydrogen or night storage heaters.

Then there’s heat pumps, they come in all shapes and sixes and can take heat from the ground, water or even the air, we love heat pumps! Because they take energy from nature, they use much less electricity to generate heat, in fact heat pumps take 1 kWh of electricity and turn it into 2.5 to 3.5 kWhs of heat, fantastic!

There is a problem with direct heating and Heat pumps though, not all kWhs of electricity are equal, if you buy electricity overnight its generally half the price of daytime electricity. Unfortunately, we all want to use heat at the much the same time so like any market you pay more at the busy times.