King Coal is Dead. Who will be crowned the new King?

Coal is finished, and Gas is on a life support machine. Meanwhile, wind is blowing them both away.

In 2012, just seven years ago, coal was considered a cornerstone of the energy industry. During this time, coal provided more than 40% of our electricity. Today, it’s down to less than 5% of our electricity.

The UK has pledged to end coal power generation by 2025. Currently the UK has seven coal power stations still operational, Cottam’s closure takes the UK one step closer to meeting this pledge.

Meanwhile, gas and renewables have been making up for the energy coal no longer provides. In 2017, gas made up 39.7% of energy consumption, meanwhile coal consumption accounted for 6.7%

Gas is the new king, but for how long? There can be only one king.

How long will it take for gas to be the next to be dethroned? When will renewables to be the sole ruler of energy?

According to a WWF report, it could be sooner than we think. Gas generation has dropped steadily since peaking in 2008. In 2017, UK's gas generation levels were 24% lower than 2008 levels.

Coal has lost the battle, Gas is winning for now but for how long.

Wind is gaining power

Wind energy is rapidly gaining on Gas and is poised to take its crown. Wind energy in Scotland increased 44%in the first 3 months of 2018 compared to 2017.

Windfarms are on the rise and getting cheaper. The last round of offshore wind came in nearly 50% cheaper than the last round (see our last blog post) and prices are expected to continue to fall, making it a more viable contender than ever before.


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