Wind is clean, fast and soooo cheap, what are we waiting for?

Over the last 7 years, coal has died and gas has taken over. However, it now looks like gas is dying, surely the nukes will save us? Afraid not, for one reason or another new nuclear plants keep getting shut down. The remaining plants are all winding down too, with six of the remaining seven plants scheduled to close by the 2030s. So, the lights are gonna go out and there’ll be chaos right? We don’t think so. Wind power will replace gas and nukes and it will do it cheaper and faster.

Creator:BORIS HORVAT Credit:AFP/Getty Images Copyright:2012 AFP

1.2GW of lovely cheap clean power

Offshore wind has some major benefits over any other technology, the turbines are not limited by planning constraints so are getting HUGE. This reduces the cost per watt significantly. Offshore sites have much higher and more predictable wind speeds, meaning the turbines generate more energy, meaning the cost per watt is much cheaper.

Hornsea 1 the largest offshore wind farm in the world. It has 174 turbines and an output of 1.2GW, which is more than a nuclear plant! Its located off Yorkshire coast and began generating in February 2019. It will power over 1 million homes. This is double the amount of Walney Extention, which used to be the world’s largest windfarm. More importantly it sells its energy at HALF the cost of previous offshore wind farms.

Hornsea 1 is a baby compared to what’s coming

This windfarm is revolutionary, its competing with the size of fossil fuel-fired power stations. This project is trailblazer for the future of cleaner energy and is the first of four planned in the area. The next one will be 1.8 GW and will sell energy for less the others are bigger still, this is just the start. From contract award to commissioning, it only took 2.7 years. This is way faster than a conventional power plant and is stupid fast compared to building a nuclear power station. This means we can react even faster than we are. A question we often ask, why are we waiting?


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