Your gas boiler is a dirty little cheat and its time you dumped him!

The UK will likely fail to meet our 2050 emission targets and our love affair with gas central heating is to blame. All the other industries are doing better, its time for us to get this gas monkey off our backs.

The UK needs to cut carbon emissions by 80% come 2050. Currently, a third of those emissions come from heating our homes.

Heating and hot water for UK buildings alone uses about 40% of the country’s energy and creates 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. Nearly 85% of homes rely on gas heating.

The government has to be more proactive in the heating sector and Boxergy thinks there are three easy fixes to help get back on track and meet the goal!

1. Electrifying Your Heating

Electric heating has to be done, if we continue to use gas to heat our homes we will never meet our targets. Electric heating can be cheaper and better than gas, giving us a more comfortable home whilst saving us money and saving the planet, what’s not to like?

Boxergy are building energy systems that right now are the cheapest on the market for off gas grid properties. By 2021 our goal is to be the cheapest even for homes with a mains gas connection.

Our systems can help reduce your carbon footprint by over 80% through eliminating gas, greening your electricity supply and relieving pressure on the grid at peak times making the grid greener for all.

Overall electrifying heating in a smart way is the cheapest option for consumers and the country, we estimate that we could power 11 million homes with Boxergy systems without increasing the size of the electricity grid.

2. Insulating Your Home

Insulating your home makes sense no matter what type of heating system you have. Having a poorly insulated home is like burning £5 notes to keep warm.

Most of the heat escapes through the roof and walls. Insulating homes is a relatively simple solution. It’s not a total solution but it’s the quickest and cheapest thing you can do.

This is a great start to solving the heat crisis. There are some government grants that are available to help fund this project.

Whilst insulating lofts and draft-proofing doors and windows does reduce energy consumption, it won’t stop the emission from the heating.

3. Solar Energy pays off

Solar is the answer for most of the worlds energy supply and it will play a huge role in the UK energy requirements as well.

When you get solar on your roof something changes, you feel very much a part of the energy network. It saves you money and gives you a degree of independence from big energy companies and lowers your carbon footprint.

Feed in Tariff were introduced in October 2011. These tariffs pay you for generating your own electricity through renewable sources. The government announced an ending to the Feed in Tariff, on 31 March 2019, due to the decreasing prices in solar.

Don’t worry if you miss the FIT’s you could always install a Boxergy system and enjoy an even faster payback!


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