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Save over £1,000 a year with our clean, affordable heating system.

Want a free home energy monitor worth £70?

What is Boxergy?

Our green heating system uses state-of-the-art technology to bring cheaper, eco-friendly energy into your home.

The Boxergy System

How it works

The Boxergy system lets you buy energy when it’s cheap and green, and stores it for use when prices and CO2 is high. It’s a smart way of using energy, plus the super efficient technology saves you money and is good for the environment.


Our system is compatible with most UK homes, and will work with your existing central heating system. No fuss - big reward.

We’re sending out 200 free energy monitors worth £70 each to eligible homes.


Your energy monitor can help you keep track of:

  • how much energy you’re using

  • how much it costs

  • where you might be able to make some impressive savings

It will also share your information with us, so we can find out if your home is eligible for a free trial of the full Boxergy system. There will be five free trials of the Boxergy system available.


To qualify for a free energy monitor or Boxergy system trial, all you have to do is register your interest in Boxergy and we’ll send you a simple questionnaire to complete to check your home is suitable.

The Benefits

Ready to join the energy revolution?

Take the first step toward a money-saving, greener future and register to qualify for a free home energy monitor or a full Boxergy system trial today.

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